Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Everyone has a muse and I have determined that mine is the sleeping baby in the crib next to my bed coupled with my snoring husband. Every night my mind writes countless blogs and I must say, they are pretty good. The only problem, is that not one of them has made it from my sleepless mind to my computer.
It’s hard to believe that with 2 active children and a new baby that I could even utter the words, “sleepless mind”. Yes, believe it or not. It’s the combination of writing blogs in my head added to the intense fear of falling asleep because once I do, it’s a guarantee that the baby will begin to cry.  Hence why I lay there waiting, thinking, and creating. And I shouldn’t forget to mention that during the whole experience I am “gently” nudging the snoring husband followed by pulling the covers off of him, laying a heavy hand on his chest or even just barely touching his side in hopes to make him want to scratch whatever it is that keeps landing on him. I am just short of pulling the pillow over his face all in the hopes that he would just roll over and quiet down. Am I alone on this one?
During one of my sleepless nights, I was second guessing the whole “blogging idea”. I have noticed a pattern that something happens after mid-November where the “opportunity” to actually take the words from my heart to the laptop seizes to exist. So sometimes it’s just easier to walk away and think of it as a faint memory of something fun I once did or wasn’t that a good ride or even better, I could just write it off as one more crazy idea I had. What am I doing? Why a blog?  And who am I even writing this for?

 long dark moment of pondering while listening to husband’s pitch perfect rhythm and then it came…
 It was a very clear and almost audible response…YOU! Yes, YOU! (and that is exactly how I saw it in my mind with all caps). 
I believe the YOU could be any of us. YOU, the one that’s reading it right now, or YOU, the one that’s looking for a late night word of encouragement or laugh. YOU , that’s just plain curious and reads the blogs to find out what on earth could be so important that she started a blog? YOU, that’s my husband always standing in support of me and the next big idea I take on. YOU, my children who can read them for years to come and begin to grasp an inkling of my heart for them and my love for God. YOU, that includes my parents and family keeping up to date with all the happenings of the grandkids. YOU, which really means ME that truly feels called to put words down not only as an instrument for myself to capture the events of my life but also in hopes that it may bring encouragement, laughter and hope to all of the YOUS…including myself.

….so what’s your muse?