Friday, April 13, 2012

Star Wars Birthday

I love a great party especially planning a great party. Daddy has wanted to watch Star Wars with the children for a long time. I had my reservations about letting a 4 year old and a 7 year old watch Star Wars due to the well...hmmm...all of it. I prefer a "life is all roses type of movie"; however, I gave in and my kids have been hooked ever since. So naturally when it was time to start planning Cooper's 5th birthday his first choice was Star Wars of course! 

I searched the Internet high and low and struggled with trying to find suggestions for a 5 year old and Star Wars (hmmm, maybe others had the same reservations I had and stood their ground). None the less, I like a good challenge to throw a fun and creative party so we jumped in and took off with the Star Wars ideas. My favorite challenge of planning a party is to see just how much money we can save and still make it super cute. Hope you may be inspired for your own Star Wars gathering, Enjoy!

First step: Invitations! The kids love to get dressed up into character each year for their invitations. It's fun and simple and includes a digital camera, existing Darth Vader costume from last year's Halloween, daddy's white shirt worn backwards and tied to give the Princess Leia look, light saber toys which we borrowed from Oma & Opa, black card stock, white paper and a printer.

Next Up: Drinks! C3PO H2O. We used gold spray paint to cover the bottles. Caps were left on so that it would give the bottle a paint free area to put your mouth to drink. Cooper was responsible for drawing C3PO's face on all the bottles.

Can't leave the OJ glasses out. Peel and stick chalk board vinyl cut out to
look like Darth Vader's mask and a chalk marker.

What's a party without themed food? Food labels were made with flattened foil cupcake holders, black card stock, and white vinyl cut out with my Silhouette.

Yummy Cinnamon Rolls

Fruit Light Sabers. Red and Green Grapes on wooden skewers and duct tape at the end for the silver handle.

Waffles - a family favorite!

Yoda Yogurt: Vanilla yogurt mixed with a little green food coloring.
Boba Berries and Jedi Super Food (granola) to build your own fruit parfait.

Hans Solo Sausage Casserole (i.e. breakfast casserole). Not a family breakfast without one of these present.

One of the best finds for the party was the AT-AT walker for $3 at a local garage sale.

Found this great utensil holder and cut out vinyl lettering from my Silhouette to match the party theme. Best part is that the vinyl can be pulled off and the holder can be re-purposed for later parties. My daughter was quick to point out though that the holder should actually say, "May the fork be with you". She's Good!

 Games & Activities! No party is complete without games (at least according to my 2 party people). What's a Star Wars party without light sabers? We cut pool noodles in half and covered the ends with duct tape and black electrical tape. Bubble wands ($1 each) got the same duct tape treatment around the handles.

New Episode: The Cousins Strike Back!

 For a fun activity, the parents used the bubble wands pictured above to create flying Death Stars that the kids  could pop in air with their light saber noodles. Let the fun begin!


Party Favors: In addition to the light sabers, everyone received a bag of  Wookie Cookies! No bake chocolate and oat cookies to look like a mini chewbacca, cellophane bags, and a thank you note printed on card stock and folded in half and stapled. Super yummy and sweet.

C&C = Cousins & Best Buds!

Birthday Boy enjoying the fruits of his labor!

New Chewbacca Doll from Maw-Maw & Pa-Pa!

Coop picked his cake out himself. We actually googled pictures to find what he liked. Took a huge sigh of relief though when he picked the cake from Publix, go figure! His smile in this picture was enough of a thank you for me!!

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Jedi and Happy Party Planning to All of You!
Next up...Parker's 8th Birthday next week. Her party of choice: Littlest Pet Shop.
Stay tuned for more party fun!



  1. What an awesome party, Kelly! I can't let my Sawyer see or he'll be harassing me for the same every day until his next birthday - and that isn't until February! Love it!

  2. Thank you for posting your ideas. I had a Star Wars party last year for my 5-year old and he wants another for his 6th birthday. So I have to come up with a whole new line-up. You helped tremendously and I am actually excited to do this again!

  3. you are a life saver - great and realistic ideas!

  4. Many happy returns of the day to the star kid. Came across many themes as well while selecting one of the affordable event venues Chicago for my sister's baby shower eve. Want to make the party memorable for her. Best caterers and bakers in town will be hired along with the drink providers. A great surprise is also on hunt for mommy to be.