Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh Cooper!

“Oh Cooper”. That is a phrase that is heard on more than one occasion throughout the day. You here it after he has said something funny that has made everyone laugh so hard that talking is no longer an option. You might here it after he comes running out from his sister’s room dressed in her dress up clothes complete with a pink feather boa and high heels. Or you may hear it when all I want to do is beat my head against a wall because the tantrum was so intense or he is set and determined to do it in his own way and in his own terms.

It was 5 years ago today that this amazing little boy came into our lives. We should have known from the very beginning that he was an independent spirit that knows what he wants. That is most likely why I spent the first day in the hospital on the highest levels of pitocin only to be told at 5pm that it appears he’s just not ready so let’s turn it off and try again tomorrow. Sure enough, the next day we started again and out he came. I knew without a doubt that this little boy was different.

This is my love letter to you, Oh Cooper!

My sweet boy, your first love is to make those around you laugh. Your Daddy and I tell you often that we are sure God has created you with a very special purpose and to bring laughter into the lives of others. You live with a level of intensity that is unmatched. When you love, you love intensely. When you laugh, you laugh intensely. When you cry, you cry with intensity. When you run, you run with all that you have. You don’t back down from a challenge although I still get gooey when you get that brief moment of embarrassment and come and bury your face in my neck.

I love the way you watch Parker intently and love her unconditionally. I think back to when we were told “It’s a boy!” and I remember the endless tears that fell because I had no idea how to raise a boy. I instantly thought about your sister and wondered what she would do without having a sister to turn to, to ask for help, to laugh with, work through broken hearts with and teach to drive. But little did I realize at that moment all the other important things you would be teaching her along the way. You have challenged her to go further and experience things that she would’ve never dreamed of doing without your nudging.

Oh Cooper, I look forward to our mornings and holding you during so many of them while you “hatched”. I am awed by your intense love of life. I am continually challenged when you chose to walk in the grass and dirt instead of the sidewalk right next to you or how every stick turns into the perfect weapon or why there is never a rock, a pinecone or leaf that goes untouched when you are around. In your mind climbing over the recliner is always the best option for getting to the kitchen rather than walking around it like everyone else. There was a time when I used to put my necessities in my purse, but now I realize that my purse is really a carrying device for your matchbox cars, Lego men and the countless pinecones and sticks you insist we are taking home to add to your collection and truth be told, I’m not sure I would have it any other way.

When my voice is raised and you see my frustration setting in for any number of things, you always know when Mommy needs a kind word or a simple hug. You are notorious for saying “I love you mommy”, “it’s ok mommy”, “what can I do for you mommy”. I love that when you hug me you often finish my sentence, “We fit together…like a puzzle piece”. Another favorite statement is when I tell you I love you, you respond with a gentle whisper, “to the moon and back”.

Your name means servant and little did we realize what a servant’s heart you would grow to have. You have filled our hearts so much that they overflow. I know without a shadow of a doubt that you are someone special and God’s plan for you and your life is immeasurable. We cannot thank our heavenly father enough for this opportunity to be your parents. Thank you for challenging us each and every day! We love you….to the moon and back.

Happy Birthday Buddy! Love, Mommy

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