Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 4: Coming Clean

We're going to need to get bigger paper if this keeps up.

I’ve never been real good with math, but I’m pretty sure those feet are multiplying! Who wants to run by themselves when you can run with your dearest friend and 5 kids? Yes, you read that last line right. We ran with 5 kids! Oy vey! Suddenly today’s sign makes more sense, doesn’t it? When you have to go out with this kind of crew, you know you are truly committed to what you have set forth in front of you….or what I typically feel most days….I really should be committed!

It was “one of those mornings”, which helped to make it “one of those days”, which apparently was contagious and made its way to “one of those nights”. You know how they go: baby up at ungodly hours ready to start their day, kids stomping off because you don’t give the approval for the tight jean shorts they want to wear to school, grabbing last minute canned food for the food drive, field trip forms to sign, oh yeah don’t forget to add money to my lunch account Daddy, why are you still standing there doing nothing? Go get dressed, not enough money to cover all the bills, don’t forget we’re responsible for soccer snack this weekend, can you swing by and pay the mortgage payment, put your sister down…..spinning plates, spinning plates, spinning plates.

By the time everyone blew through and out the door for school, it was if you could see the wind die down and the papers on the kitchen bulletin board settle back down into place. I slumped into the living room arm chair with a deep sigh and an empty coffee cup wondering how is it even going to happen today? Deep sigh.

There are lots of days (probably more than I would care to admit) that I feel like I should be committed. Today was no different. But it is my nearest and dearest that laced up with me and hit the pavement. It was because she was committed to me, that I could stay committed to the process and committed to my children.

It wasn’t necessarily pretty today and there were certainly spinning plates that came toppling down. But, it’s done….another 2 miles in the book.



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